We’re happy-ish as clam-like animals to be playing SXSW in Austin again this year. If you’re going to be there, we’ll be playing a bunch of shows, but we’re excited to tell you about one in particular on Thursday March 13 called All Tomorrow’s Tacos because it’s a cool name and there’s a bunch of cool bands playing. It’s an unofficial party which means anybody can come and hang out and get drunk and eat tacos. We go on around 12:30 PM so get there early. Address etc. on the poster above.

We’re also playing an “official” showcase that same night at Valhalla which is at 710 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701 and we go on around midnight. Which maybe sounds late but in our experience things tend to really start happening in Austin after midnight. And by “things” we have no idea what we mean.

Other parties/showcases/guerrilla perfomances will be announced either here or on our Facebook page or via Twitter or maybe all three if we’re feeling extra social media-esque. Hope to see you there!


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We are pleased as punch-drunk boxers to announce that (almost) the entirety of our 2012 output will be reissued on one CD by Mock Records in January 2014. The compilation will be called The Early Year and comprises most of the EPs Very Fallen World and Basket of Masks, as well as the LP However Strange. Both EPs were self-released, and the LP has been previously available only from Burger Records on cassette and online. You’ll be able to pick up The Early Year via the usual online retailers and at your favorite record store on or about January 21.

So we got that going for us, which is nice.

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If you live in Los Angeles, and like rock music, we’re playing Part Time Punks at The Echo on Sunday night with two great bands, Hibou and Dream Boys. For further information click on the flyer above, or follow this link to the FB invite, and this one for dirt cheap advance tix.

As an added incentive, we’ll have copies of our new CD Hilarious Heaven which we just received from our label Xemu Records available for purchase for the first time ever, in advance of the December 10 street date. Score!

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We did a live radio/video thing for Serious Business on BreakThru Radio in NYC. You can watch a synopsis of the event here:




You may or may not have heard by now that our Fall US tour came to an abrupt halt last week when our van hit a deer, or a deer hit our van, whatever, and the van got totaled and Chris and Guylaine suffered minor injuries that made it impossible for us to continue. We’re back home now in Los Angeles and very grateful to everyone who expressed concern or just generally wished us well.

As a result of the cancellation of the last leg of the tour, however, we did suffer considerably in the $$ department, and that’s where you guys (we hope) come in. We’ve put a bunch of merch up at our store, most of which we probably would have sold if we hadn’t had to cancel, but we did have to cancel, so we didn’t sell it, plus we lost the income from paying the shows themselves. So we’re hoping to entice you to buy some of this stuff, for the following reasons:

1) it’s good karma!

2) it’s really limited edition stuff. Most of the merch we had left is Détective-branded, and we’re no longer called Détective. We’re called DTCV. So when this stuff goes — the hand-made vinyl LPs, the t-shirts, the Burger cassettes, the GBV tour posters – it will never again exist. We’re not saying it’ll be worth thousands of dollars in ten years, but we’re not saying it won’t be worth thousands of dollars in ten years.

3) our new album Hilarious Heaven won’t be available in its physical form until late January 2014. And we won’t be touring until then. At which time we will have all new merch for you. New t-shirts, new posters, new CDs, new cassettes. None of the old stuff, the stuff we’re selling here, will be available. Not even if you beg. Especially not if you beg.

4) you’d be helping us out at a really difficult time, financially. You’re probably having a really diffcult time financially yourselves, but at least you didn’t get hit by a deer. Or maybe you did, in which case you know how it feels. It sucks.

5) to reiterate: karma!

A lot of you may already have purchased some or all of these items from us. If so, thank you so much. If you can’t afford to buy anything, your good wishes will mean a lot to us, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at just to say hi. We always love hearing from you guys.

To visit our merch store, simply click here. You will have our undying gratitude, if that’s a thing that interests you.


You can now find Hilarious Heaven in its virtual form on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Rdio, Trap Soul Door, Excess Limescale, Praying Mantis Table Manners, and every other internet music emporium, simply by using the Google. We hope you enjoy it. The physical release is set for Januray 21, 2014 on CD from Xemu Records and cassette from Burger Records. But you don’t have to wait until then to listen. You can do that right now:


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It’s called Everything Flows, and while we’re on tour, he’s doing some readings/signings in a select few locations. If you’re the kind of person who likes to hear other people read, or want to ask him questions, or just have your copy of his book personalized in an unforgettable and possibly semi-obscene way, then… actually we don’t want to know about it, but please do come by. The dates and places are as follows:

Monday, September 23: Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH 7PM

Friday, September 27: Pygmalion Lit Fest, Champaign, IL 6 PM

Sunday, September 29: Bucket O’ Blood Books and Records, Chicago, IL 7 PM

Tuesday, October 1: Clinton Street Social Club, Iowa City, IA 6:30 PM

Wednesday, October 2: Subterranean Books, St. Louis, MO 7 PM

From our good friends at Xemu Records:

We just signed DTCV!


We’re excited to announce that we just signed DTCV to Xemu!

DTCV (formerly known as Detective) is the creation of classic Guided By Voices alumni Jim Greer and ex-Useless Keys member Guylaine Vivarat. Based in the exploding music scene of Los Angeles  the band has been and are currently playing exciting shows throughout the country. Having just finished recording an album with our Steve Kille and with art by Bob Pollard they are about to embark on a new USA tour (which we are also excited about) with album details to be updated along the way.  Check out the below preview video for their first single off the new Xemu release “Hilarious Heaven”!

We’d just like to add that we are as excited as Xemu is to see the release of Hilarious Heaven… and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on our upcoming US tour!

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Hi guys so here’s a video for a song from our upcoming double album. The song is called “I Was Where Were You” and the video is kind of a parody of a 70s French TV show that no one except Guylaine has ever heard of. At least in America. Which is where we are. Hope you dig! It was directed by (and also guest stars) our pal Mike Postalakis. You can find him on the internet and you probably should, he’s extremely talented and good-looking and single.

Hilarious Heaven will be put out by Xemu Records. Which is home to our friends Dead Meadow, whose Steve Kille recorded the new album. Which features artwork by Robert Pollard. The song goes like this: