DTCV Music

Our newest album Hilarious Heaven is available from iTunes here and on Spotify streaming here (as well as a billion other online places, but you can start there). The CD was released by Xemu Records earlier this year and can be found at Amazon or at a fine independent record store near you. All of our 2012 output was reissued on one CD as The Early Year via Mock Records also this year and can be streamed at their Bandcamp page as well. It’s also available on the iTunes and the Spotify etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum.

ALSO: We just finished recording a lot more songs and plan to release a new LP called Uptime! via Unsatisfied Records next February (2015). Meanwhile, Unsatisfied Records is issuing a 7″ of our Part Time Punks session on September 30, which you can and should order here.

ALSO: Xemu is releasing a double-album vinyl version of Hilarious Heaven sometime later this year or early 2015. When they do, we’ll have copies on tour and you’ll be able to buy them in your favorite record store or online retailer.